Our Mission

TATE’s mission is to improve English Language Teaching (ELT) in Tunisia, foster collaboration among teachers and provide them with various opportunities for development.

TATE aims at bringing teachers of English together. It will hopefully play a leading role in the promotion of quality teaching. The professional development of teachers will, in turn, raise educational standards and improve student performance.


The Tunisian Association of Teachers of English will work on

Promoting standards of excellence in the teaching of English from early years to university.

Promoting team work amongst English Language Teachers in Tunisia and abroad, and stimulating cooperation among them.

Strengthening the sense of belonging among the members of the profession through educational, social, and cultural activities.

Helping English teachers with additional teaching resources.

Establishing links with similar associations at home and abroad.

Organizing activities (training sessions, workshops , study days…) to share pedagogic and linguistic experience.

Why Become a member?

You can participate in ELT events where teachers from Tunisia and abroad get together to discuss academic issues and share the most updated materials.

You will have the chance to participate in national and international lectures and workshops .

You can join our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in which you will have the opportunity to network with other colleagues in Tunisia and the world on specific areas such as teacher training, material design, teaching English to young learners and Information and Technologies (ICT).